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Accents is a project by Glasgow's UNESCO City of Music Artist in Residence Richy Carey.

Over the course of a year, Richy worked with communities across the city to try and understand what is in an accent, these sounds that sit in the grey between an I and and Us, and to work towards making a piece of music that explored these complex, sometimes divisive, sometimes comforting, but always present sounds as a place to make music from.

Richy is a composer who often works with film, being interested in the ways sounds affect the way we see images, and images affect the way we hear sounds. He has created four short films, each with subtitles that instruct the audience to make sounds that collectively make up the soundtrack. The first performance of these new films/compositions will take place as part of the Glasgow Short Film festival 2019 at the Glasgow Royal Concert Halls on the 16th of March.

We would love for as many Glaswegians that are interested in music making, film, or just thinking about what the sound of a community might be, to take part in the performance. If you're a member of a community group, or choir, or if you're just interested in the project, please do get in touch by clicking the link below and find out how you can get involved.

Want to join in?